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27 Apr 2017
Professional Fluff and Fold in Oceanside

Need to Cut Business Expenses? Use a Professional Commercial Laundry in Oceanside!

Oceana Laundry, a Commercial Laundry in Oceanside, could save your business money.

There are many great reasons to consider using a local laundry instead of washing your own linens. Not only does the Oceana Laundry deliver a high-quality laundry experience right here in Oceanside, but using our services should be a money saver! All businesses want their linens, uniforms, and towels washed properly every time. With the use of a professional laundry service, you will consistently receive clean linens without the headaches or the hefty price tag.  But consider the alternative…

Why invest in a washer and dryer?                                                                                                     

Right off the bat, purchasing one or more washers and dryers will cost many thousands of dollars. These are expensive items that will require ongoing service- even quality ones break down on occasion – and getting them repaired is not cheap.  In addition, these machines require the right amount of dedicated workspace and may even require changes to your electrical, gas and sewer line infrastructure.

Consider the true costs of running an internal laundry. 

Electricity, gas and water are needed to run washers and dryers.  Utilities are not cheap- and expect these rates to climb every year.  You will be surprised at how these utility costs add up in order to complete all of your essential laundry loads.  Also, don’t underestimate the amount of staff you will need to dedicate to process, monitor and fold your linens and keep in mind there could be some down time during wash and dry cycles.

Your local Commercial Laundry produces higher-quality results AND saves you money!

Will your employees be skilled at tackling the type of laundry needs that your business has?  A professional laundry like Oceana Laundry will ensure that their machines are in good working order enabling them to consistently provide superior wash and dry results. When you can take advantage of an experienced and skilled supplier workforce, it reduces the number of items you discard due to being stained or improperly laundered saving you money over the long haul on replacement linens.

At the Oceana Laundry, we provide the right equation for handling the important laundering of your linens:  The right sized (large) equipment to ensure the proper washing of your linens, a pay-by-the-pound pricing program instead of a more expensive pay-by-the-piece cost structure, 48-hour turnaround and even a convenient and time saving pick up and delivery service.

Now is the time to eliminate the distraction of laundry and spend more time focusing on growing your business!  Give us a call today  to arrange your laundry service in North County San Diego, or visit our website for more information!

13 Apr 2017
Commercial Laundromat in Oceanside

Guaranteed Quality When You Use a Commercial Laundry in Oceanside

Providing both individual and commercial laundry services in Oceanside, the Oceana Laundry will ensure your high quality laundry standards are not only met but exceeded.

Whether you do laundry one load at a time in your own home or at your place of business, you may be missing out on a high-quality laundry experience that can save you both time and money. The Oceana Laundry, located in Oceanside, provides both a personal drop off laundry service as well as commercial laundry service and could be a fantastic new resource for you or your business.  You’ll not only enjoy delegating the tedious task of laundry to the pros at Oceana Laundry, but it will also be easy on your pocket book as we charge by the pound, not by the piece!

High Quality

At Oceana Laundry, we offer a range of detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and free and clear laundry products. In addition, after more than seven years in the business, you can expect the same attention to detail and high quality results that many of our current clients have enjoyed.  Check us out on Yelp and see why so many consider us the top laundry in north county San Diego!

Time Savers

At Oceana Laundry, we also offer a pick up and delivery service that saves you time and allows you the opportunity to focus on your more important business responsibilities or dedicate more time to friends, family, and fun.  As an introductory offer, simply give us a call to set up your pick up and we will waive the first delivery charge.  Your order will be returned within 48 hours!

At Oceana Laundry, with our low rates, proven level of service, and quick turnaround time, you can eliminate the headaches associated with laundry once and for all! Give us a call to learn more about our services or drop off your laundry at our Coast Highway location.

30 Mar 2017
Commercial Laundromat in Oceanside

Three Steps on How to Choose a Commercial Laundromat in Oceanside

Selecting a commercial Laundromat in Oceanside can be a stress-free experience.

All businesses, regardless of their size or the industry they operate in, look for ways to improve the services they provide to customers. Depending on the type of service your business provides, you might consider using a commercial Laundromat in Oceanside for your uniform or linen needs. We understand that finding the right laundry service provider can be time intensive, difficult, and overwhelming. Fortunately, choosing the right one can be made a bit easier by following these steps!

Look into the background of the organization, and evaluate their leadership.

When considering a vital service to a business, diligence is required. A small amount of groundwork will go a long way toward putting the working relationship in good stead for many years to come! Reliability and quality will speak volumes over time when the results impact the standards of your linens, tablecloths, and uniforms. Take the time to personally check out the business and evaluate the efficiency of their operation, the cleanliness of their facility and company leadership.  Make sure you feel comfortable with these factors before investing and further time.

Understand the cost.

While cost is always an important factor to consider before moving forward with any business venture, when evaluating the cost of a commercial laundry supplier, many fail to acknowledge the true cost of clean laundry. Many suppliers charge by the piece, so take a moment to consider how many items you’re having every one of your items washed, dried, and folded. Other suppliers like the Oceana Laundry are kinder to the wallet by charging by the pound, not by the piece. Typically, this cost method should be a more economical approach than paying for each and every small hand towel to be washed- take the time to do the comparison!

Seek testimonials.

Check out online reviews and testimonials to find out if a certain company has recurring, happy customers. Are they consistent with turnaround times? Do they provide quality cleaning? Gathering this information is important and Yelp, Google, and other social media networks are a great place to start. Many businesses also have customer references available upon request.

At Oceana Laundry, we help businesses and individuals alike with their laundry needs. With pay-by-the-pound pricing, your business will quickly come to appreciate how our program can lower your laundry costs. With a 48-hour turnaround time and customized laundry services available, you can eliminate the distraction of laundry and spend more time focusing on growing your business!  Give us a call today  to arrange your laundry service in North County San Diego, or visit our website for more information!

16 Mar 2017
Laundromat in Oceanside

Visit Your Local Laundromat in Oceanside to Enjoy March Madness!

Join in Oceana Laundry’s, the highest rated Laundromat in Oceanside, March Madness fun!

Buzzer-beaters and unlikely heroes – all eyes are on the upcoming basketball tournament fondly referred to as March Madness. Are you joining in on the fun?  If so, continue the excitement by coming down to the cleanest and friendliest Laundromat in Oceanside, Oceana Laundry!  We will have all of the games on one of our 3 flat screen TVs but will also have our very own version of March Madness, and it’s sure to be a winner.

Check out the details below!

At Oceana Laundry, any new customer will have the opportunity to take part in a very special promotion. Until the last day of March (March 31st), when you load $20 on your brand new Oceana Laundry card, you will receive an extra $10 completely free! While there’s no bracket guessing or nail biting finishes, you will enjoy a $10 complimentary credit that can be used on any of our 40 self-service washers and 35 dryers.  Simply check in with one of our store attendants, reference this ad and they will help you get set up.

But you have a choice- You don’t have to watch your washing spin for hours on end.  Consider trying our drop off laundry service and let the professionals wash, dry and fold your laundry for you.  Better yet, we believe in charging by the pound instead of by the piece. With low rates, stellar service, and quick turnaround, you can eliminate the task of laundry and free up time to put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the excitement of March Madness!  If that’s not a win, we don’t know what is!

Give us a callto learn more aboutour servicesor drop off your laundry at our Coast Highway location.

23 Feb 2017
Laundry Service at a Laundromat in Oceanside

Should Your Business Use a Laundromat in Oceanside?

Determine If It Makes Sense For Your Business To Use A Laundry Service In Oceanside

Many small businesses use a large volume of linens on a weekly basis. From an independently owned bed and breakfast to a boutique hotel or spa, the use of linens and uniforms is common, re-usable supplies that serve a vital function in a variety of small business settings.  As a small business owner, you want to ensure that your company always presents itself in the cleanest manner possible.  Outsourcing this responsibility to a professional laundry ensures this result.  Additionally, it’s critical to make decisions that boost productivity in the workplace. Fortunately, a Laundry in Oceanside can step in to help.

Improved Productivity 

First and foremost, using a Laundry frees more time up for you and your staff. Without the use of a commercial laundry, your own staff must clean the company linens in-house which takes time and wears down equipment. In today’s fast-paced society, time is of the essence, and the less time your employees must dedicate to sorting, washing, drying and folding linens, the better. By outsourcing this task to a commercial laundry, you and your employees can focus on servicing your customers and tending to more important business matters.

Save on Machines, Supplies, and Utilities, and Pay by the Pound, Not by the Piece

To do your own laundry, you will need to purchase and maintain washers and dryers and inventory soap supplies.  Furthermore, you will need to pay the electricity, gas, water and sewer costs associated with a high volume of laundry – all of these costs quickly stack up!  You can avoid these costs and save money because unlike other commercial laundries, Oceana Laundry charges by the pound, not by the piece!

Quality of Work

A Laundry specializes in the proper cleaning of laundry, and thus, they will have a comparative advantage over using your staff to do the cleaning. Getting out tough stains is their business, and producing quality work is their end goal.  Check out many of Oceana Laundry’s satisfied clients who have posted on their Yelp page or ask about additional commercial client references that are available upon request.

At Oceana Laundry, we help businesses and individuals alike with their laundry needs. With pay by the pound pricing, your business will quickly understand how our program can lower your laundry costs. With a 48-hour turnaround time and customized laundry services available, you can eliminate the distraction of laundry and spend more time focusing on bettering your business! Give us a call today to arrange your laundry service in North County San Diego, or visit our website for more information!