Whether you’re an individual or business needing to wash one load or dozens,
we’ve got what you need.
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Imagine: you do all of your laundry – yes, even that load of guest linens you’ve been putting off – in under an hour. You get to kick back and browse the web or catch up on your shows while you do. Sound too good to be true? It would be, if not for Oceana Laundry. We have a huge store (50 washers and 46 dryers) of fast-moving machinery so you never have to wait to start a load, and never have to wait long for it to finish. Our goal is to take a task nobody wants to do – laundry – and make it fast and easy so you can get back to your life.
  • On-Site Employee (Hablamos Español)
  • Plenty of Easy Parking
  • Free WiFi & HDTV


Do you constantly feel like you’re running tight on time? If you wish you could get just one extra hour in the day, we can help! We’ll take the hour you could have spent doing laundry and give you 58 of those minutes back. That’s right, laundry in two minutes – the one it takes you to drop it off and the second it takes you to pick it up! We'll get your clothes clean saving you precious time.
  • Affordable Pricing at $1.52 per Pound (10-pound minimum)
  • Customization Options Including Bleach, Fabric Softener, & OxiClean
  • Same Day Service When Dropped Off Before 9 am on a Weekday