Treat Your Loved Ones to a Fluff and Fold in Carlsbad

Treat Loved Ones Fluff and Fold in Carlsbad

Treat Your Loved Ones to a Fluff and Fold in Carlsbad

Treat your partner to freedom for a day with fluff and fold in Carlsbad.

With the season of romance steadily approaching, it’s time to think of something sweet to do for your sweetie. Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can treat your partner to a day of freedom by taking a load from their plate. With a fluff and fold in Carlsbad, your loved one will get to do the things that they want to do without the concern of the laundry list!

If winter blues are beginning to kick in, it’s your wife’s birthday, or you simply want to treat your loved one, choose to give the gift of time to bring a smile to his or her face. Take a time-consuming chore from their list so that you can both do something you love, together. Whether you go on a hike, take a weekend away, or flop on the couch for an evening, be sure to spend some quality time with your sweetie. As one of the most time-consuming chores that we all must do, opt to hand off the laundry to someone else this week.

At Oceana Laundry, you don’t need to watch your washing spin for hours on end. Simply drop off all your laundry and we’ll get it done for you! Better yet, we believe in paying by the pound instead of for each item. With low rates, stellar service, and a 48-hour turnaround time, you can eliminate the task of laundry to free up more time!

Now that you can get your laundry list done today, give us a call to learn more about our services or drop off your laundry at our Coast Highway location in Oceanside, California! We are a 5 – 10-minute drive away from Carlsbad, so come and visit our store to learn more about how we can help you!

As your friendly and efficient laundry team in North County San Diego, we hope to see you soon!